Social Science of Policy and Practice

What we do

ISSR builds deep partnerships with policymakers, researchers, citizens and external agencies to undertake solutions-focused-research, develop infrastructure and design activities to advance social science methodologies, data analytics, research translation, public policies, and capacity to inform policy making, and to ensure policy and practice makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Building on and challenging current approaches, ISSR seeks to align research with policy impact in areas such as child, family and community wellbeing, inequality, social disadvantage, vulnerable populations and international development. 

ISSR contributes to the evidence base for population- and place-based policy interventions, innovative social governance and other policy approaches to address the complex challenges of inequality, poverty, disadvantage and social exclusion. 


  • Understanding, influencing and evaluating the impacts of social policies and programs

  • Building strategic policy and practice partnerships

  • Co-developing and implementing social solutions