Researcher biography

My PhD, titled “What’s so funny? Using a Multidisciplinary Approach to Understand Sitcom Success”, looked at humour types contained in popular US sitcoms and their correlation to audience response data. The humour typology I developed has been used to code stand up humour in Persia (Heidari-Shahreza 2017), modified to analyse jokes stories of Sri Lanka (Gamage & Kondowe 2019) and featured in the book Humour in Audiovisual Translation (2020) by Margherita Dore.

Since graduating I have worked as a Research Analyst at Southbank TAFE and as a Research Officer at General Practice Training Queensland. In my current role with the Institute for Social Science Research (UQ), I work across multiple projects that are characterised by a health systems focus. My research interests include health psychology and humour studies.