Researcher biography

Jenny Povey is a Senior Research Fellow in Social Methods at the Institute for Social Science Research and a Life Course Centre Fellow in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course at The University of Queensland. She is a Psychologist and obtained her BA Honors, MA and PhD from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa. Before coming to ISSR, Jenny worked as a Chief Researcher at the Human Sciences Research Centre in South Africa in the area of Education effectiveness. Jenny's expertise is in survey development, evaluative research, social science survey data collection, quantitative and qualitative research methods, statistical analysis of complex data. Jenny's research interests include intergenerational transfer of education aspirations, values and attitudes, parent engagement practices in student learning, principal leadership for parent-school-community engagement, education effectiveness, evidence-informed school practices, culture-fair assessment, cross cultural research, well-being, social disadvantage, and evidence based policy. Jenny has worked closely with Government Departments and Ministries both in Australia (DHHS in Tasmania; Commonwealth DET; Qld DET; CESE) and internationally (e.g. South Africa, Eritrea, Cambodia and the Solomon Islands) to gather research evidence from a wide range of disadvantaged communities to inform policy. Jenny teaches the MFSAS Qualitative Research Methods course and the 'Quantitative and qualitative data in policy formulation' module in the 'Strengthening the Public Policy Making Process Short Term Award' managed by the UQ International Office.