Researcher biography

Jenny Povey is a Research Group Leader at the Institute for Social Science Research, and a Senior Research Fellow in Social Methods in the ARC Centre of Excellence on Families and Children over the Life Course (the Life Course Centre) at The University of Queensland. She is a Psychologist and obtained her BA Honors, MA and PhD from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa. Before coming to ISSR, Jenny worked as a Chief Researcher at the Human Sciences Research Council in South Africa in the area of Education effectiveness.

At ISSR Jenny's research group focuses on understanding social and educational disadvantage to achieve impact on policy and practice. Within this broad theme of work, she has a substantive interest in school leadership, school culture, parent engagement, child well-being, and a range of other policy relevant issues that relate to social disadvantage. She has extensive experience in mixed methods research using administrative data together with survey and qualitative data. Jenny has worked closely with Government Departments and Ministries both in Australia (e.g. Tasmania DHHS; Australian DET; Qld DET; CESE NSW; Australian DSS; Qld DCSYW) and internationally (e.g. South Africa, Eritrea, Cambodia and the Solomon Islands) to gather research evidence from a wide range of disadvantaged communities to inform policy. In addition to managing the Try, Test and Learn Evaluation, she is currently working on understanding why and how some schools are more effective at parent engagement than others and how improving parent engagement in socially disadvantaged schools effects the learning and well-being of students living in these communities over their life course. Jenny is also working on a project which investigates how Indigenous and non-Indigenous children experience Out-of-Home Care using elicitation methods and a longitudinal qualitative research design which will improve service provider capacity and test Government reform interventions.