Researcher biography

Dr Maram Shaweesh's interdisciplinary research sits across several humanities and spatial disciplines including architecture, housing adequacy, migration and multiculturalism, everyday encounters in the Australian suburb, urban design and young people's experiences in urban spaces.

Maram has undertaken a range of research projects focused on housing. For example, she undertook an investigation of everyday life in suburban housing as experienced by the Australian Lebanese community. This research deployed social qualitative research methods to identify the relationship between housing design and policy, and the social and cultural context in Australia (such as changing family ideals, household composition, children wellbeing, parenting values, and social marginalisation).

Maram was also part of the team working on the Growing Up in Logan project as part of Growing Up in Cities. In collaboration with Logan City Council (CityStudio) and Beenleigh State High School, the project is examining adolescents'' perceptions of urban space to better understand how local environments impact their everyday life.

Maram has experience working with remote Indigenous communities. She was involved in the "Gunana Futures" research project investigating housing adequacy in Mornington Island. The project focused on the influences of cultural practices of Indigenous Australians on their housing needs, policy influences on the everyday life of Aboriginal Australians, and investigates the challenges they face in an isolated community.