Researcher biography

Dr Jacquie McGraw is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR). Jacquie has an interest in men’s health and consumer behaviour in transformative services such as health services. She is primarily interested in social equity, taking a multidisciplinary perspective to research in areas such as public policy, public health, vulnerable consumers as customers of public services, and value destruction in services. Jacquie is a mixed methods researcher and her PhD quantitatively investigated the role of masculine norms, customer vulnerability, and value destruction when males use transformative preventative health services. Her Master’s research qualitatively investigated older men's help-seeking behaviours in the context of bowel cancer screening, identifying the role of different masculine identities, self-conscious emotions, and value destruction for healthy men’s help-seeking.

Before pursuing academic research, Jacquie was a social marketer within Queensland Government for 10 years delivering behaviour change campaigns for public services including the successful Queensland Health bowel cancer screening campaign: “Make No.2 your No.1 priority”.