Researcher Biography

Arvind is a PhD Candidate and a Research Assistant in the sleep health team (Smith) at the Institute for Social Science Research. His Honours thesis investigated if implicit learning and explicit learning activated the same processes in young adults. Arvind’s PhD thesis by publication inquires: Can an objective model be developed to identify and calculate levels of fatigue in adults. Arvind believes that this fact is often overlooked and dismissed in workplaces and more should be done to look after people’s wellbeing, he hopes with this research he can inform clinical findings to benefit the greater population.

PhD Topic: 

Identification of fatigue measurement in adults


Dr Shamsi Shekari Soleimanloo (Principal Advisor) 

Professor Simon Smith (Associate Advisor)

Dr Cassandra Pattinson (Associate Advisor)

Dr Dwayne Mann (Associate Advisor)

Research Interests:

  • Fatigue
  • Sleep health
  • Shift workers