Researcher Biography

Josi is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Social Science Research (ISSR) of the University of Queensland. She holds a Bachelor of Laws and Social Sciences from the UNISINOS University, in Brazil.

Prior to her PhD studies, Josi worked in the education industry for more than seven years and has focused on international students’ recruitment and exploring potential new markets. She also has a good understanding of international student acculturation and the transition processes of a student and his/her family members. Being aware of the adaptation period experienced by an international student in a foreign country, she has been able to better advise and counsel international students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Josi’s work experience in the Education sector has deepened her passion for learning and to grow in this area. At her PhD studies at UQ, she hopes to combine her research interests on International Students and their satisfaction with Higher Education experience.

PhD topic

International Students' Experience in the Australian Higher Education: The impacts of COVID-19 and the institutional response


  • Associate Professor Wojtek Tomaszewski (Principal)
  • Dr Tomasz Zajac (Associate)
  • Dr Melissa Johnstone (Associate)

Research interests

  • International students
  • Higher Education institutions
  • Student experience
  • International Student mobility
  • Student satisfaction
  • COVID-19 impact on international students’ experience