Researcher biography

Dr. Miriam Yates is a Research Fellow within the Social Solutions group at ISSR. She has worked in both research/teaching roles in North America and Australia focusing on power inequalities, leadership, organisational behaviour and intersectionality. Her research is broadly focused on how people respond to one and other on the basis of espoused workplace behaviours, and group membership. Dr Yates' research is particularly focused on gender and intersectionality, yet her research interests are overlaid by a passion for identifying the mechanisms through which we understand and quantify the impact of research within and beyond academic institutions. Her converging interests in workplace behaviour, inclusive leadership, gender equality and research effectiveness guides much of the empirical and applied research she undertakes.

Dr Yates has taught courses on Leadership in Organisations, Effective Negotiation Skills, Career Transition, Organisational Design & Change Management, and Foundations of Psychological Intervention at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.