Researcher Biography

Alice is a PhD student and Research Assistant at ISSR with a background in social and behavioral sciences and quantitative methodologies. Alice enjoys working in a multidisciplinary environment and is interested in any original theory or research that sheds light on the human experience whether it originates in sociology, genetics, philosophy, sociobiology, psychology, economics etc! Through her PhD studies Alice hopes to develop high level research skills that will ultimately allow her to work across topics and contexts within the broad domain of social research.

PhD title

Inequalities by sexual identity in Australia: The moderating role of micro-level contexts


  • Dr Paco Perales (Principal)
  • Professor Janeen Baxter (Associate)

Research interests

  • Caregiving across the lifespan
  • Caregiving and attachment behavioural systems
  • Child development
  • Lifespan development, longitudinal research
  • Differential susceptibility/vantage sensitivity
  • Prosocial behavior, altruism
  • Social and economic inequality
  • Perceived control over one’s life  – causes and consequences
  • Women’s health, maternity care
  • Educational & career aspirations