Latest MFSAS Training Schedule Released

11 Jun 2019

The latest training schedule for ISSR’s popular Methods for Social Analysis and Statistics short course program has just been released. Courses in essential statistics, social cost-benefit analysis, program evaluation and longitudinal data analysis will run in Brisbane in November and December 2019.

  • The three-day Essential Social Analysis Skills Course (13-15 November 2019) is ideal for people who need to analyse numeric social data or those who need to read and understand research conducted by others. Focusing on intermediate statistical techniques, it is recommended if you are familiar with the basics and want to deepen your knowledge.
  • Our Social Cost-Benefit Analysis Course (26-28 November) provides participants with a working knowledge of Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA). During this three-day course, you will learn about the role of CBA in public sector decision-making and develop the essential skills to apply CBA processes and methods.
  • ISSR’s one-day introductory Program Evaluation Course (8 November 2019) is a popular entry point for people wanting to understand key evaluation concepts and techniques—it will provide you with the foundation skills required to conduct and commission program evaluations.
  • Our five-day intensive Longitudinal Data Analysis Training (9-13 December 2019) has been specifically designed to develop specialist knowledge in the structure, management and analytic methods for longitudinal data. The course deep-dives into topics that are pivotal if you or your organisation want to use longitudinal data for research and decision-making.  

ISSR is also facilitating a five-day intensive course (9-13 September 2019) on development approaches for people working in Indigenous affairs and social services. If you are working in this area, the Advanced Indigenous Development Approaches course can build your skills in designing solutions to tackle challenges in Indigenous contexts and equip you with practical plans you can implement in your own organisation.

All of our courses are available to both groups and individuals and course content can be customised to meet group training needs. For further information on future training and bespoke courses, contact