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Develop essential quantitative analysis & interpretation skills

This workshop is designed to provide participants with the essential skills to analyse & interpret quantitative (numeric) social data. Participants will develop an understanding of the appropriate statistical techniques to use for different types of research questions & different types of data & importantly how to make inferences & interpret results.

Core topics

  • Understanding & testing for statistical significance
  • Assessing relationships using Chi square, t-tests, ANOVA, & correlation
  • Introduction to linear & logistic regression models
  • Data visualisation

Learn how to

  • Understand why & how to test for statistical significance
  • Know the appropriate statistical tests to use in different situations & with different types of data
  • Read & interpret the results of statistical tests & output from popular statistical packages
  • Critically review the use of statistics in reports & published papers

Who is this workshop for

People who need to analyse numeric social data or those who need to read & understand research conducted by others. This workshop covers some introductory topics, but mainly focuses on intermediate statistical techniques. It is recommended for people who are familiar with the basics of statistical analysis, who want to deepen their understanding of statistical analysis. The workshop can also be a refresher for people who need to consolidate their statistical knowledge before progressing to more advanced methods.

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Fees (excl. GST)

$1,616 - Early Bird discount
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$1,463 - Students
(Fees include course materials, morning & afternoon tea & lunch.)

PresenterDr Yangtao Huang
Dr Yangtao Huang is a Research Fellow at UQ’s Institute for Social Science Research. He is an applied social statistician who has extensive experience in universities & international organisations. He provided statistical analysis for the Organisation of Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD), and contributes statistical expertise to commissioned research projects for government agencies. He teaches applied quantitative research methods at the undergraduate & postgraduate level at the University of Queensland & ACU.

Course advisor
Dr Wojtek Tomaszewski is a Group Leader at UQ’s Institute for Social Science Research Dr Wojtek Tomaszewski& leads research on education & disadvantage. His expertise is in quantitative research methods & advanced statistical analysis, & his research interests include education, employment, poverty & social exclusion.


2019 - Sign up to our mailing list for schedule updates
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UQ's Institute for Social Science Research, Cycad Building, 80 Meiers Road, Indooroopilly

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