Mental health and wellbeing among gender and sexually diverse young people: exploring the potential impact of climate change

There is increasing concern about the challenges that young people face as they grow up today. And who can blame them when you look at the uncertain environment in which we live: framed by climate change, political uncertainty, and job insecurity to name but a few. As a result, young people face extraordinary pressures in an ever-changing environment and this can have significant impact on their health and wellbeing.

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Generational and developmental pathways of childhood and adolescent obesity: A three generation cohort study

Recent studies have reported an intergenerational transmission of obesity from grandparents to grandchildren; however, these are relatively small cross-sectional studies with methodological flaws and the extent of developmental pathways of childhood and adolescent obesity from grandparents through parents to grandchildren is relatively unknown.

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Reducing Crash Risk for Young Drivers: A Randomized Control Trial to Improve Sleep

Road trauma is the number one cause of death and permanent disability for young Australians aged 18-24. There are significant health, social and economic costs of road trauma.

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Aboriginal responses to climate change

This study takes an interior arid-zone region as a pilot study in which to investigate, document and generate planning principles concerning Aboriginal perceptions and knowledge of climate change, and regional community capacity to respond and adapt to climate change at a number of levels,...

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