Client: National Health and Medical Research Council

Lead: Associate Professor Abdullah Mamun

Term: 2015 - 2019

Recent studies have reported an intergenerational transmission of obesity from grandparents to grandchildren; however, these are relatively small cross-sectional studies with methodological flaws and the extent of developmental pathways of childhood and adolescent obesity from grandparents through parents to grandchildren is relatively unknown. 

This study, led by Professor Abdullah Mamun aimed to understand the interaction of a range of factors with epigenetic changes to contribute to the improvement of approaches for primary and secondary prevention of childhood and adolescent obesity. Using data from the Mater-University of Queensland Study of Pregnancy (MUSP) (the only Australian birth cohort study and one of the few studies internationally with the capacity to track obesity and its evolution across three generations), Professor Mamun has undertaken a program of research to investigate the impact of earlier generational factors on the developmental pathways of obesity in the third generation.

The core science and knowledge resulting from this project has the potential to prevent development of obesity in future generations and halt progression of the current epidemic.