We developed an overarching evaluation approach for the Queensland Government’s 10-year reform strategy for ending domestic and family violence in Queensland, as well as guidance for specific project evaluations for initiatives under the strategy. Our evaluation framework for the government included: evaluation principles to underpin the evaluation design; key research questions for the evaluation framework, reflecting the overarching objectives of the 10-year reform program; and an evaluation approach for implementation.

The evaluation framework developed at ISSR identified a set of high level indicators (both qualitative and quantitative) to measure societal changes with respect to domestic and family violence and the impact of the Strategy, and it will be applied by the Queensland Government to monitor and evaluate change across initiatives and over time.

Project team

Project details

Duration: 2016-2018

Partners: Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Funding: Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Contact: Professor Mark Western (m.western@uq.edu.au)

ISSR ref: ISSR161474