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Social data is a powerful resource for providing insights into the factors that shape people’s lives. A solid understanding of techniques for analysing social data and the interpretation of results ensures that policies and practices are based on evidence. ISSR shares its statistical expertise with policy makers and practitioners through the flagship training program, Methods for Social Analysis and Statistics (MFSAS).

These courses are available to both groups and individuals. For groups, the course content can be customised to meet your research training needs, and potentially include working on your research problems and data. Group courses can be held at your location or at ISSR. To discuss group training options please contact

For individuals wishing to take part in our courses, please visit the course page for details for the next available course and sign up to our mailing list to receive updates about our upcoming courses. If there are any additional training courses you would like to see offered by ISSR, please contact us at

Courses - click on the course names for details

  1. Gathering and Analysing Qualitative Data

  2. Program Evaluation

  3. Essential Social Analysis

  4. Social Cost-Benefit Analysis

  5. Introduction to Longitudinal Data Analysis and Panel Regression Models 

  6. Modelling Change and Event Occurrence

  7. Longitudinal Data Analysis

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