Methods for Social Analysis and Statistics (MFSAS)

Train with the experts in bridging the gap between data and social policy

As one of Australia’s largest social science institutions, researchers at The University of Queensland’s Institute for Social Science Research address some of the most important issues and challenges facing the country today. ISSR’s work is broad, multi-disciplinary, and informed by the latest developments in social science theory and methods.

We deliver commercial services and expert training courses to public and private sector organisations, bridging the gap between those who work with statistics and social data, and those who need to apply them to create effective policies. 

The Methods for Social Analysis and Statistics (MFSAS) program is designed for those who need to use, understand, and interpret social research data, but who may not have a background or training in qualitative or quantitative data analysis, and/or research methods. Our courses are ideal for professionals in government, non-government organisations, university staff and postgraduate students who want to learn more about methods for social analysis and translate scientific social research into public policy outcomes. 

MFSAS courses provide participants with practical skills and content-relevant knowledge that they can immediately apply to their work, such as:

  • How to construct, collate and interpret questions of social significance
  • How to use social data to inform evidence-based policies and programs
  • How to recognise the quality and robustness of research sources

Courses are available for

  • Individuals - Both online and face-to-face modes. All available courses are listed in the menu to the right.
  • Groups - Course content can be customised, and could incorporate your own research questions and/or data and can be held at your own location or at ISSR. (Minimum of 10 participants)
  • Custom courses - All MFSAS courses can be customised using your own data sets, and can be delivered at your premises. (Minimum of 10 participants)

Current courses