This video describes how we can use machine learning to predict the likelihood of a person experiencing a specific outcome or event. The video further illustrates this method using child protection data to assist case workers in their decision making.

Predictive Risk Modelling Methods






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Exploring the use of predictive analytics to improve practice and outcomes in child welfare in Queensland​
: Queensland Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women
LeadProfessor Rhema Vaithianathan​
Term: 2019 - 2020

Data science imageHow do you formulate data projects that solve your organisation’s strategic challenges?

At this one-day Data Science Training for Public Manager course hosted by the Institute for Social Science Research, University of Queensland international experts will equip participants with the knowledge to identify public problems that can be addressed using data science and formulate a project proposal.

Topics covered include problem identification and feasibility analysis, methodology (such as goals, type of data and analysis) and ethical data management (including privacy, transparency, social license and consent).

The course will be in workshop format with a mixture of presentations, discussion and practical exercises.

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