• Cameron Parsell

    Cameron Parsell's Book Launch

    The University of Queensland’s Institute for Social Science Research and the School of Social Science invite guests to the book launch of Cameron Parsell’s book The Homeless Person in Contemporary Society, published by Routledge. The evening will conclude with a reception of canapes and drinks.
  • Utilisation of Social Science Research

    Academics lament that policy-makers ignore their research, while policy decision-makers argue that academic research is largely irrelevant to their needs. This project aims to reconcile these two positions by investigating social science research utilisation within public sector agencies.
  • Learning catalysts: Improving educational outcomes for disadvantaged children

    The Learning Catalysts project investigates factors associated with educational success based on a study of 34,000 disadvantaged young people and their families. The project aims to examine the circumstances of disadvantaged young people and their families, identify factors contributing to improved educational outcomes and address the objectives of the partner organisation, the Smith Family (TSF), to support educational outcomes.
  • The Impact of the Place of Living on Social Participation & Well-Being in Older Age

    This project explores the links between place of living, social participation and wellbeing at older age using data from large-scale panel surveys covering Australia and a range of other countries.
  • Social Networks & Health & Wellbeing

    Social science and social policy increasingly recognise that people’s family, friendship and other networks matter for their health and well-being. This research contributes to the social scientific understanding of networks and their effects in developed and developing societies and will also inform policy and program design to delivery in areas relating to individual and community well-being.

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