As the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor Duck has overall responsibility for the seven schools in the Faculty, the many research centres and institutes, and the Faculty office. This responsibility is exercised in partnership with the Heads of these organisational units.

For a sustained period of time Professor Duck has contributed to Teaching and Learning at UQ at Faculty and University levels, including numerous working parties on topics such as assessment, Honours, postgraduate coursework, academic integrity, the award of University Medals, global mobility and internships, and student evaluations.

Since completing her Graduate Certificate in Higher Education in 2008 she has led and been involved in a series of teaching and learning projects on assessment policy and practice, strengthening gateway courses using active learning approaches, professional development for new tutors and for academic staff new to teaching and learning at UQ, student retention, and enhancing the quality of learning in outbound mobility programs. Professor Duck has received funding both from the ALTC and from internal UQ Teaching and Learning grants.

Her research interests are in the social psychological underpinnings of human behaviour, particularly in the context of group and intergroup behaviour and responses to media, persuasive messages and public opinion.