Explore the links between place of living, social participation and wellbeing at older age using data from large-scale panel surveys covering Australia and a range of other countries. The central hypothesis is that environmental conditions, captured in terms of housing and neighbourhood conditions, can have independent and potentially cumulative effects on older people’s opportunities for playing their part in society and, ultimately, achieving personal well-being and independence.


  • The project’s main innovations are in the cross-national comparative design which incorporates macro, meso and micro-level variables and in the use of advanced analytic methods to model the dynamic processes behind the observed outcomes.
  • The research will benefit academics working in areas of housing, social exclusion and older age in disciplines such as sociology, social policy, political science and social work; the results will also have practical implications for policy makers.


  • Found evidence of a considerable penalty associated with living in disadvantaged housing and disadvantaged areas on some of the most critical aspects of social participation in older age as well as on overall wellbeing of older persons.
  • Demonstrated that the quality of one’s living environment plays a significant role in shaping social participation and wellbeing in older age.
  • Certain groups of older people, such as those over 80, the sick and disabled, those living alone, and the migrants from non-English speaking countries, are particularly at risk of poor social contacts, more limited social support, and lower wellbeing.
  • Demonstrated that individuals with different characteristics may rate the same objective housing conditions in a very different way.
  • Highlighted the importance of viewing wellbeing as a complex, multi-faceted construct.

Project team

  • Dr Wojtek Tomaszewski (UQ) - Project leader

Duration: January 2011–January 2013

Partners: The University of Queensland

Funding: The University of Queensland

Contact: Dr Wojtek Tomaszewski (w.tomaszewski@uq.edu.au)

Publications and reports

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