Double burden of malnutrition: a contemporary global health challenge 

HDR student: Tuhin Bisawas
Advisors: Associate Professor Abdullah Al Mamun / Associate Professor Ricardo J Soares MagalhaesAssociate Professor Nick Townsend

Through a systematic review and meta-analysis, an ISSR PhD researcher recently found a decline in the prevalence of underweight and an increase in the prevalence of overweight/obesity among women in South Asia and Southeast Asia. This research is important because it addresses an important evidence-gap and has the potential to contribute to intervention development and policy change addressing obesity as a public health issue in low to middle-income countries. 

Relaxation and Unrest: A Crystallization of Children’s Experiences in Early Childhood Education and Care

HDR student: Emma Cooke
Advisors: Dr Sally Staton / Dr Andrew Clarke / Professor Karen Thorpe

An ISSR PhD researcher has recently undertaken an innovative study into how children experience rest and relaxation in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). This research is important because it demonstrates that children’s voices are critical in the design of childcare settings, the development of policies to support opportunities for relaxation, and the day-to-day practices of ECEC services.