The two-year Mental Health Demonstration Project commenced in July 2015 to test a new integrated housing, mental health and welfare initiative to assist people in social housing to sustain their tenancies whilst managing mental illness or related complex needs.

ISSR researchers provided an interim process evaluation for the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works to determine how the Project was being implemented across multiple agencies in the Fortitude Valley and Chermside Housing Service Centre catchment areas. We reviewed documents and guidelines and conducted interviews with program managers and key informants to assess the effectiveness of interagency collaboration and whether the Project had strengthened local response capabilities.

We also evaluated the outcomes of the Project using client data managed under a Client Outcomes Protocol designed to support open data-sharing between the Queensland Government and our research team whilst maintaining client confidentiality.


  • Design an evaluation framework for process and outcome evaluation
  • Evaluate the implementation of the Mental Health Demonstration Project across multiple agencies
  • Determine the outcomes of the Project for service providers and service users


  • Program Logic and Evaluation Framework
  • Interim Process Evaluation
  • Outcome Evaluation

Project team

  • Dr Cameron Parsell - Project leader
  • Professor Lynda Cheshire
  • Dr Zoe Walter

Project details

Duration: February 2016–November 2017

Partners: Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works

Funding: Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works

Contact: Dr Cameron Parsell (