ISSR was commissioned by the Australian Civil-Military Centre to deliver evidence-based research on the experiences, contributions and impact of Australian civilian, police and military female personnel who have deployed to United Nations, NATO and regional peace and security operations. The research documents the lessons, skills, and practices identified and learned by deployed women during their deployments to facilitate engagement with the local population and other deployed personnel. The project will contribute to wider, ongoing discussions about the unique benefits associated with deployed female personnel in peace and security operations.

We have taken a multi-method approach to this research, using qualitative and quantitative methods. Our face-to-face interviews with deployed women have allowed us to explore their experiences and views in depth and to complex issues associated with their deployment in peace and security operations. Using an online survey, we have tested, cross-checked and further explored the qualitative research findings amongst a wider target population.

The research will inform the development of policy, doctrine and training programs in Australian government agencies deploying women to conflicts and crises overseas.


  • Develop an evidence-base about the experiences, lessons, skills and practices of deployed women
  • Provide insights into the benefits of female personnel deployed in peace and security operations


  • Written Report to inform policy, doctrine and training

Project team

  • Professor Mark Moran
  • Dr Bryn Hughes
  • Leanne Given (Communio)

Project details

Duration: August 2015–December 2017

Partner: Australian Civil-Military Centre

Funding: Australian Civil-Military Centre

Contact: Professor Mark Moran (

ISSR ref: ISSR011181