Remembering Professor Harvey Goldstein

15 Apr 2020

We are saddened by the news of the death of internationally renowned statistician and social science researcher, and Life Course Centre Associate Investigator, Professor Harvey Goldstein.

Professor of Social Statistics at the School of Education at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, Harvey passed away on 9 April 2020, aged 80 years. His research covered an incredibly broad range of social science topics, primarily around statistical methodology and software, and he published well over 350 journal articles. Harvey is best known for his contributions to multilevel modelling methodology, developing the MLWin software, and research and policy advice on educational assessment and school league tables.

Harvey was actively involved with the Life Course Centre, having twice visited our University of Queensland node at the Institute for Social Science Research in 2015 and 2018. He was always generous with his time, hosting seminars and mentoring our researchers and students. He was a close collaborator of Professor Michele Haynes, also an Associate Investigator in the Life Course Centre, and he also regularly connected with our researchers at international conferences.

Professor Harvey Goldstein (second right) pictured during a visit to the Life Course Centre
at the University of Queensland in 2015 with (from left) Professors Mark Western, Janeen Baxter and Michele Haynes.

In an obituary published by the University of Bristol, Harvey is described as: “a hard-working colleague, generous manager and collaborator who influenced many younger researchers and whose loss to statistics and academia more generally is immense”.

You can read the full obituary here.