Dr Wojtek Tomaszewski and Anne Hampshire appointed to Equity Research and Innovation Panel

18 Apr 2018

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training announced a new Equity Research and Innovation Panel to advise on Australian Government-funded research and trials on higher education student equity under the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP). ISSR is pleased to announce that Group Leader, Dr Wojtek Tomaszewski, and ISSR Board Member, Anne Hampshire, were both appointed to the twelve-member Panel.

Dr Wojtek Tomaszewski leads ISSR’s research on educational equity, which aims to understand how people can succeed in education and flourish in the labour market, regardless of their backgrounds. Dr Tomaszewski’s appointment to the Panel and his work in ISSR were also noted by the Group of Eight.

Anne Hampshire is Head of Research and Advocacy for The Smith Family, a national Australian charity that supports more than 38,000 disadvantaged children and young people to achieve stronger educational outcomes. ISSR has partnered with The Smith Family on a number of projects, such as Learning catalysts: Improving educational outcomes for disadvantaged children.