Strategic Evaluation of Health and Wellbeing Queensland’s Prevention Programs (SEPP)


HWQld was established in July 2019 to improve the health and wellbeing of all Queenslanders and to reduce population health inequities, with a particular focus on overweight and obesity. A key part of its strategic approach includes a $68 million investment to support a suite of six preventive health programs (across six organisations, referred to as Program Partners) to provide free and low-cost activities across Queensland communities to improve health and wellbeing.

In August 2021, HWQld engaged ISSR to design and deliver the Strategic Evaluation of HWQld’s Prevention Programs (SEPP) project as part of a new strategic management approach to the organisation’s prevention program activity. The 3-year SEPP project involves the design and delivery of rigorous monitoring, evaluation, and learning activities to provide a detailed understanding of the implementation and outcomes of the Prevention Programs, and to enable continuous improvement and better decision making at both the individual and collective level.

SEPP project timeline
SEPP project timeline



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