The proposed research is an examination of the role of models of supportive housing to end homelessness.  It will specifically examine the practices, assumptions and effectiveness of diverse models of supportive housing in terms of ending homelessness and creating other non-housing outcomes for different groups of people exiting homelessness.  The study will be informed by a multi-method, case study and comparative framework.  The study will generate new data on supportive housing.


  • This will be compared to existing data sets and research on Australian and international programs that aim to end homelessness
  • In addition to contemporary policy and practice relevance, the research will contribute theoretical knowledge about the role and type of housing in assisting marginalised people to exercise autonomy and self-determination
  • This will enable them to act as active agents engaging with social programs that aim to promote their wellbeing and that are also intended to represent their homes

Project team

  • Associate Professor Cameron Parsell (UQ) - Project leader
  • Professor Andrew Jones (UQ)

Project details

Duration: January 2013–January 2016

Partners: The University of Queensland

Funding: The University of Queensland

Contact: Associate Professor Cameron Parsell (