ISSR is one of Australia’s leading organisations in the delivery of policy and program evaluations with a particular focus on health and human services. We undertake independent evaluations that inform governance and decision-making and contribute to performance measurement, accountability and integrity. We have specific expertise and experience in experimental research design for field (i.e. out of lab) experiments that are designed to rigorously test the effectiveness of policies and programs.

TTL Fund Evaluation

The Try, Test and Learn (TTL) Fund was established in 2016 to design, implement and test new ideas or policy responses to improve workforce participation or work capacity for priority groups identified as being at high risk of long-term welfare dependence. Drawing on insights from the Australian Priority Investment Approach to Welfare, the fund supports projects..... Read more

Evaluation of the Queensland Government’s Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Policy

Alcohol is a contributing factor in most assaults on Australian streets. But can restricting alcohol sales save lives? In Queensland, the death of Cole Miller in January 2016 and other recent assaults around licensed premises highlighted the need for government intervention to reduce alcohol-fuelled violence. The Queensland Government.... Read more

Evaluation of the Mental Health Demonstration Project

The two-year Mental Health Demonstration Project commenced in July 2015 to test a new integrated housing, mental health and welfare initiative to assist people in social housing to sustain their tenancies whilst managing mental illness or related complex needs... Read more

Evaluation of the 'Street to Home' initiative

The Street to Home initiative seeks to target people experiencing chronic homelessness and rough sleeping and support them through a transition towards stable housing. This project proposes to evaluate the Street to Home initiative. The evaluation task requires an appraisal at the level of the... Read more