94% - Indicated that the internet is an important means of obtaining research information

82% - Reported difficulties in accessing full-text versions of academic articles and reports

81% - Agreed that the policy-making process is driven by budgetary considerations

71% - Perceived that urgent day-to-day issues take precedence over “long-term” thinking

71% - When using academic research, consider it a high priority that the research findings are unbiased

61% - Reported that in the last 12 months they had written a policy-related document that drew on academic research

Academic researchers

84- Agreed that academic reward systems do not adequately recognise dissemination of work to non-academic end-users

81- Indicated that the amount of time needed to invest in coordinating the work between different partners in research collaborations is potentially problematic

80% - Find there are different research orientations between academics and external partners

77% - Agreed that research partnerships have provided them with opportunities for their research to have an impact on policy and practice

73- Agreed that the academic requirement to publish in peer-reviewed journals inhibits a focus on policy and practitioner audiences

*Strongly agree/agree or important/very important

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