I am an Epidemiologist working to identify early life exposures which lead to perturbed neurodevelopmental outcomes in adolescents and young adults. I have utilised a number of high-quality longitudinal cohorts following the development of children and young people across time, and am undertaking a Masters of Biostatistics to increase my capacity in longitudinal statistical methodologies. I am currently refocusing my research from the analysis of purposively collected survey data to administrative health data, and upskilling in the statistical and computational methods required to analyse ‘Big Data’. I coordinate a project with the assistance of Queensland Health which follows the health and development of all QLD offspring since 2009 (approximately 500,000 offspring) by linking appropriate health administrative data collections. I have recently been awarded the UQ Development Fellowship at the Institute for Social Science Research, and much of my work in this position will concern the utilisation of this cohort to answer substantive research questions and its further enrichment with information from additional data collections.

Research interests

Mental health, epidemiology, biostatistics, structural equation modelling, mixture modelling, longitudinal data analysis, neurodevelopmental outcomes and pathways, factor structure of mental health symptoms. 

PhD thesis

Psychiatric Epidemiology