Researcher biography

Chris' research epitomises a fondness for embedded, theoretically informed, transdisciplinary and solution-oriented research. Throughout his research he brings to bear research expertise in advanced econometrics, data management and analysis to advance change which improves the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people. In particular, Chris' research involves working with large linked administrative data. Chris has experience with evaluation, economic analysis and stakeholder engagement. A self-described reflexive 'economist with a conscience', his research increasingly reflects a cognisance of the many and varied forms of injustice.

Chris aims to harness social science research to provide a much needed evidence to guide the allocation of public and private resources to where they can do the most good and have the largest positive impact on people's lives. In practical terms, Chris' research aims to achieve this through the intimate co-creation of research questions with ongoing feedback from the government and the sector; coupled with the dissemination of research findings in a supportive and engaged manner which lends itself to implementation and meaningful socially significant change.

Chris' PhD thesis investigated the influence of the environment on life satisfaction, for which he was awarded the Chancellor's Medal for outstanding Excellence in the Doctor of Philosophy.