Researcher Biography

Ella Kuskoff is a PhD student and Research Assistant at the Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR). She completed her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Sociology at The University of Queensland in 2016, focusing on representations of youth homelessness in Australian policy. She has previously completed two Summer Scholarships and one Winter Scholarship at ISSR, working in collaboration with institutes such as the Brotherhood of St Laurence and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course. This work fuelled her interest in issues surrounding social disadvantage, policy, and practice.

Ella Kuskoff is a Global Change Scholar

PhD topic

Achieving cultural change through policy: An analysis of the impact of domestic violence policy in Australia


  • Dr Cameron Parsell (Principal)
  • Professor Greg Marston (Associate)
  • Dr Andrew Clarke (Associate)

Research interests

  • Youth and families
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Social disadvantage


Kuskoff, E. (2016). A critical discourse analysis of past and present policy representations of youth homelessness in Australia. LCC Working Paper Series: No. 2016-26.

Kuskoff, E., & Mallett, S. (2016). Young, homeless, and raising a child: A review of existing approaches to addressing the needs of young Australian parents experiencing homelessness. LCC Working Papers: No. 2016-13.