Researcher Biography

Stuart Woodcock is an Associate Professor in Inclusive Education. He was trained as a K-12 teacher in the United Kingdom and has worked across primary and secondary schools in England, Canada, and Australia. A/Prof Woodcock has expertise in inclusive education at national and international levels, with research experience in the areas of inclusion and educational psychology.

Research Interests

  • Inclusive education
  • Inclusion
  • Self-efficacy
  • Attribution theory

Recent Key Publications

Subban, P., Woodcock, S., Sharma, U., & May, F. (2022). Student experiences of inclusive education in secondary schools: A systematic review of the literature. Teaching and Teacher Education, 119.

Woodcock, S., Sharma, U., Subban, P., & Hitches, E. (2022). Teacher self-efficacy and inclusive education practices: Rethinking teachers’ engagement with inclusive practices. Teaching and Teacher Education, 117.

Woodcock, S., & Hardy, I. (2022). ‘You’re probably going to catch me out here’: principals’ understandings of inclusion policy in complex times. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 26(3), 211-226.

Sharma, U., Woodcock, S., May, F., & Subban, P. (2022). Examining Parental Perception of Inclusive Education. Frontiers in Education, 7, 907742.

Woodcock, S., & Nicoll, S. (2022). “It isn't you”: Teachers’ beliefs about inclusive education and their responses toward specific learning disabilities. Psychology in the Schools, 59(4), 765-783.