Researcher Biography

  • Before joining ISSR, I got my BA and MA degree in the field of sociology and social psychology. Now I am using quantitative methods to explore the influence of social and environmental factors on health, wellbeing and inequality. My PhD topic is about multigenerational inequality, which aims to use quantitative methods to explore the impact of grandparental socio-economic status on grandchild health in Australia.

PhD Title

Multigenerational health inequality in Australia: The Influence of Grandparental Socio-economic Status on Grandchild Health


  • Dr. Martin O’Flaherty (Principal)
  • Prof. Janeen Baxter (Associate)
  • Dr. Jack Lam (Associate)

Research Interests

  • Health
  • Family 
  • Inequality 
  • Wellbeing 
  • Environmental Psychology 
  • Social Capital 
  • Quantitative Methods