Researcher Biography

Jinglu Yan finished her bachelor’s degree in human resource management in 2014 at Southwest University in China. After that, she entered Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences to further her study, and completed her master’s degree in Applied Psychology in 2017. During her three-year’s study in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jinglu’s researches mainly focused on creativity, large scale assessments regarding learning activities and gifted children selection. After graduation, Jinglu served as a research assistant in Creativity Research Center of Beijing Normal University to conduct the Aurora Project and investigate the effect of early family environment on the development of low SES supernormal Children’s Creativity.

Now, Jinglu is studying as a PhD candidate in Institute for Social Science Research, and her research interests span creativity development, learning environment, academic motivation, learning engagement and family SES.

PhD topic

The impact of classroom environment and family environment on learning outcomes across three diverse Chinese contexts


  • Dr Jenny Povey (Principal)
  • Dr Wojtek Tomaszewski (Associate)
  • Professor Robyn Gillies (Associate)

Research interests

  • Learning environment, motivation and engagement
  • Educational measurement (e.g. Creativity evaluation)
  • Children from low SES families (e.g. left-behind children)