Researcher biography

Dr Alicia Allan is a Research Fellow with multidisciplinary expertise across psychology, health and design. Her primary areas of research interest are how sleep occurs in context, and how aspects of the physical environment (particularly light) influence sleep, circadian function, behaviour and overall wellbeing. Alicia received her PhD from QUT in 2016 for a thesis that examined social and environmental factors influencing sleep health in older adults and community dementia care. Prior to joining ISSR, she worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Design at QUT on a project investigating the effects of the indoor light environment upon building occupants. Alicia has worked on a wide variety of projects involving multimodal assessment of human behaviour in field settings across the lifespan. As such, she has extensive experience in measuring behaviour in-context using varied data collection techniques, including ambulatory and environmental monitoring to assess sleep and circadian health, light exposure and other aspects of the social and physical environment. She has worked with a range of populations, including children, young adults, office workers, older adults, and those with neurological disorders. Alicia aims to use applied research to inform lifestyles and built environment design that supports wellbeing across the lifespan.