I completed my PhD into young driver drowsiness and effects of blue light and caffeine in reviving drowsy drivers with the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety- Queensland (CARRS-Q) in early 2016. Upon completion of my PhD, I worked as a Senior Research Officer in three research projects in QUT. I was looking at the effects of sleep loss and effects of sleep expansion on young driver sleepiness, as well as the effects of in-vehicle monitoring systems on correcting young driver unsafe behaviours on the road. I joined Monash University and Austin Health as a postdoctoral Research Fellow in early 2017, working on a national research project into heavy vehicle driver fatigue, with the CRC for Alertness, Safety and productivity. This project aimed to explore the relationships between the shift/rest characteristics and driver drowsiness. Findings of this project will be adopted to change the heavy vehicle driver fatigue laws. I have recently joined The University of Queensland. I am currently a Research Fellow in the Institute for Social Science Research working on “the viz to Sleep in Young Adults project” with Associate Professor Simon Smith. 

Researcher biography

Dr Shekari completed her PhD with Queensland University of Technology in 2016, and her postdoctoral fellowship with Alertness CRC at Monash University and Austin Health in January 2019. Shamsi is currently a Research Fellow with the Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) at UQ. Her research interests are key socio-psychological issues such as drowsy / fatigued driving and risky driving behaviours. Shamsi is one of the investigators of the NHMRC project "Reducing crash risk for young drivers: A randomized control trial to improve sleep".