I completed my PhD into young driver drowsiness and effects of blue light and caffeine in reviving drowsy drivers with the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety- Queensland (CARRS-Q) in early 2016. Upon completion of my PhD, I worked as a Senior Research Officer in three research projects in QUT. I was looking at the effects of sleep loss and effects of sleep expansion on young driver sleepiness, as well as the effects of in-vehicle monitoring systems on correcting young driver unsafe behaviours on the road. I joined Monash University and Austin Health as a postdoctoral Research Fellow in early 2017, working on a national research project into heavy vehicle driver fatigue, with the CRC for Alertness, Safety and productivity. This project aimed to explore the relationships between the shift/rest characteristics and driver drowsiness. Findings of this project will be adopted to change the heavy vehicle driver fatigue laws. I have recently joined The University of Queensland. I am currently a Research Fellow in the Institute for Social Science Research working on “the viz to Sleep in Young Adults project” with Associate Professor Simon Smith.