Researcher Biography

Emily is a PhD Candidate and Research Assistant in the Child Development, Education and Care Group (Thorpe) at the Institute for Social Sciences Research. After completing a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences (hons), she has now embarked on a PhD in Social Sciences. Her PhD covers the use and prevalence of technology in homes and its impact on families and child sleep longitudinally. Coming from a psychological background, Emily also works within the Thorpe group as an RA assisting with study design, ethics applications, data collection, and research within various projects.


PhD Topic:

Technology use at home and family/child sleep


  • Dr Sally Staton
  • Associate Professor Simon Smith
  • Professor Karen Thorpe

Research Interests:

  • Sleep, sleep environments, sleep development,
  • family dynamics,
  • technology use, technology in homes,
  • measure evaluation, qualitative and quantitative methods, physiological measures.