Researcher Biography 

Francisca's career as a researcher has always been related to educational topics, working in public institutions and universities. This has involved evaluation of educational policies and programs. In addition, for several years, she worked as National Project Manager in OECD projects, such as PIAAC and TALIS video study.

As a sociologist with training in economics, Fran have always been interested in understanding the role of education in our society from an interdisciplinary perspective. That is why, for her PhD she is aiming to understand the association between school choice and parental engagement with the students’ learning.

PhD topic

Beyond school choice: understanding parental engagement in the context of school choice reforms


  • Dr Jenny Povey (Principal)
  • Associate Professor Wojtek Tomaszewski (Associate)
  • Professor Mark Western (Associate)

Research interests

  • Segregation in the educational system
  • School choice
  • Parental engagement
  • Educational systems