Researcher biography

Michele has worked in the ISSR since 2007. During this time she has worked on several projects, including an ARC Linkage Grant on the utilisation of social science research in policy development; an ARC Discovery Grant on the spatial determinants of transitions in and out of unemployment in Australia; and a study of work/life balance in the public sector.

She is currently attached to an ARC Discovery Grant, which is exploring the role of social science research in resolving complex policy problems. In addition, she has been enrolled in a PhD in the ISSR since January 2015.

PhD topic

The possibilities and perils of the research impact agenda: Understanding and mapping social science pathways to impact in relation to public policy-making.


  • Professor Brian Head (Principal)
  • Emeritus Professor Paul Boreham (Associate)

Research interests

  • The research impact agenda
  • Evidence-based policy
  • Public and social policy
  • Environmental sociology and policy


Journal articles

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Other publications

Ferguson, M. (2015) 'Book review: Public innovation through collaboration and design',International Review of Public Administration, 20 (3): 323-327. doi:
Available online at:

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