Researcher biography

Michele worked in the ISSR from 2007-2016. During this time she worked on several projects, including an ARC Discovery Grant which explored the role of social science research in resolving complex policy problems; an ARC Linkage Grant on the utilisation of social science research in policy development; an ARC Discovery Grant on the spatial determinants of transitions in and out of unemployment in Australia; and a study of work/life balance in the public sector.

 She has been enrolled in a PhD in the ISSR since January 2015.

PhD topic

The possibilities and perils of the research impact agenda: Understanding and mapping social science pathways to impact in relation to public policy-making.


  • Professor Brian Head (Principal)
  • Emeritus Professor Paul Boreham (Associate)

Research interests

  • The research impact agenda
  • Evidence-based policy
  • Public and social policy
  • Environmental sociology and policy


Journal articles

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Other publications

Ferguson, M. (2015) 'Book review: Public innovation through collaboration and design',International Review of Public Administration, 20 (3): 323-327. doi:
Available online at:

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