Researcher biography

Amir Salimiha is a quantitative sociologist with background in mathematics. He is interested in studying the relationship between parental labour market status, and their children’s socio-emotional outcomes.

In analysing so, he applies statistical techniques, including longitudinal survey data analysis, to identify the risk factors that are likely to inhibit child well-being over time.

In identifying the risk factors, he interrogate demographic characteristics of households, as well as their familial economic characteristics, mainly their employment status, and namely the precariousness of their jobs.

MPhil topic:
Poverty of ambition or poverty of opportunity? An enquiry into the social components of child poverty in contemporary Australia


  • Prof. Janeen Baxter
  • Dr. Francisco Perales

Research interests:

  • Labour market
  • Precarious work
  • Child Well-being
  • Sociological theory
  • Statistical modeling