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Social data is a powerful resource for providing insights into the factors that shape people’s lives. A solid understanding of techniques for analysing social data and the interpretation of results ensures that policies and practices are based on evidence. ISSR shares its statistical expertise with policy makers and practitioners through the flagship training program, Methods for Social Analysis and Statistics (MFSAS).

Four MFSAS training products are available:

  • Introductory ‘dealing with data’ courses cover the basics of data and data collection. 
  • Applied ‘working with data’ courses introduce practical techniques for data analysis to identify appropriate analyses for research questions around similarity and difference, and analysis and interpretation of results. 
  • Advanced Longitudinal Data Analysis, a five-day intensive specifically designed for professionals using longitudinal data in policy development and decision making, or in research. 
  • Stata, a full course covering introductory concepts through code and graphics.

Courses are open to both individuals and groups, with student and group discounts available. 

Email: mfsas@uq.edu.au

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