This course is designed for social policy, practice and research professionals (including government, NGO and research organisations) who want to develop their understanding of CBA techniques, as well as a working knowledge of its practical application in the decision-making process, incorporating assessments of both monetary and non-monetary costs and benefits. It will be of particular value to professionals who engage with CBAs to assist with the design and evaluation of public programs and policies, and those who require hands-on skills to conduct CBAs.

This course is suitable for individuals who require a basic understanding and working knowledge of CBA, and assumes little or no prior knowledge of CBA techniques. A basic proficiency in using Microsoft Excel is advisable.

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About Methods for Social Analysis and Statistics (MFSAS)

Social data is a powerful resource for providing insights into the factors that shape people’s lives. A solid understanding of techniques for analysing social data and the interpretation of results ensures that policies and practices are based on evidence. ISSR shares its statistical expertise with policy makers and practitioners through the flagship training program, Methods for Social Analysis and Statistics (MFSAS).


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