The role of sex and age on pre-drinking: an international comparison of 25 countries.

For a number of countries the influence of a drinker’s gender and age on the practice and adverse consequences of pre-drinking, within country, have been well-documented. However, few studies have compared these patterns across countries. Our review of the literature only revealed one other study which includes country comparisons of pre-drinking; other than our own previous research. As such, little is known about the overall effect of gender and age on pre-drinking behaviour when accounting for within country variation and how the role of the drinker’s gender and age differs across a larger number of countries. This study, extending on our previous research (which attracted global attention) models the influence of gender and age on the percentage of pre-drinking in different countries, presenting a single overarching model of pre-drinking behaviour and then comparing the role of gender and age on pre-drinking behaviour between countries.



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