In this seminar, Cameron will present his program of research including homelessness, poverty, supportive housing, and social welfare and charity responses to people experiencing social exclusion. The focus of this research program is to find models that can end homelessness, exclusion and deprivation – both locally and globally. Cameron will draw on his forthcoming book, The Homeless Person in Contemporary Society, to argue that the assumed difference of the homeless person drives the form and function of an elaborate, well resourced, and often well-meaning service system that perpetuates their exclusion from housing, on the one hand, and dependence on the service system, on the other. Through engaging with the service system, the distinct and deficient homeless person is reified.

Associate Professor Cameron Parsell is recipient of an ARC DECRA; he is also an Associate Editor of the Australian Journal of Social Issues, and a Policy Advisor to the Australian Council of Social Services. He is the lead and co-chief investigator on several national studies that broadly examine the nature and outcomes of newly emerging models of intervention directed toward permanently ending homelessness.


Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR)
Long Pocket Precinct | 80 Meiers Rd, Indooroopilly Q, 4068
Seminar Room