Client: Australian Department of Social Services

Lead: Professor Janeen Baxter

Term: 2018 - 2021

Under the Australian Priority Investment Approach to Welfare (welfare reform), the TTL Fund is trialling new and innovative approaches to support priority groups at high risk of long-term welfare dependency to participate in the labour market and improve their overall wellbeing. It is an open and collaborative approach to policy development, guided by evidence, to tackle complex social challenges.

The evaluation focuses on projects undertaken for seven priority groups: young parents, young carers, young students, at-risk young people, working age carers, migrants and refugees, other unemployed people, at risk of long-term unemployment. It encompasses quantitative and qualitative analysis such as stakeholder interviews, participant surveys, economic evaluation, textual analysis and extensive data analysis including linkage of administrative datasets. The evaluation will include a structured review of the impact of the TTL Fund and evaluations of individual pilot projects, against quantitative and qualitative measures of success for its higher order objectives, for clients, stakeholders and for government.

The TTL Fund Evaluation aims to produce high-quality policy evidence about the effectiveness of the piloted social interventions for reducing long-term welfare independence.