ISSR main entrance
ISSR main entrance

ISSR is one of the largest social science research institutes in Australia, with more than 100 leading researchers, policy experts, and management professionals whose multidisciplinary approach delivers a broader perspective to the challenges our clients face.

ISSR was established in 2007 to showcase UQ's strengths in social science research, to coordinate and integrate related research activities, and to position the University as a national leader in applied multidisciplinary social science.

"Every country struggles to address questions like how to ensure prosperity, wellbeing, quality of life, fairness and security.

Our work as social scientists is to provide the evidence that is needed to improve policy and practice, and to ensure our research is relevant and translatable to the big questions and to the global challenges of inequality and sustainability."

Professor Mark Western, Director of the Institute for Social Science Research


What is Social Science Research 

Academics lament that policy-makers ignore their research, while policy decision-makers argue that academic research is largely irrelevant to their needs. This project aims to reconcile these two positions by investigating social science research utilisation within public sector agencies.... Read more