Welcome to the MFSAS Program

MFSAS is a series of contextually relevant training modules aimed at bridging the gap between those who "do" statistics and those who "do" social policy. Some modules are designed for those who need to use, understand, and interpret statistical information, but who may not necessarily have a background or training in statistics, while others have been developed for those who wish to develop more advanced data analysis skills.


The development of MFSAS has been financed by seed funding from UniQuest. It was instigated by Professor Michele Haynes, leader of the ReMASS (Research Methods and Social Statistics) Program at ISSR, out of recognition for the need to bridge the gap between those who conduct social research and those who develop social policy, working in policy areas but without the necessary training in research methods and data analysis.


The scope of MFSAS has broadened to include modules for those individuals who have a basic understanding of research and data and wish to progress to more advanced skills.


MFSAS was born out of the need to develop contextually appropriate research and statistics training, which deviated from the traditional, academic approach of teaching statistics, which can be quite overwhelming for those without a background in the area.


As such, MFSAS was designed to take a problem-focused approach to teaching research and statistics. Content of the modules range from introductory information about the basics of social research to advanced statistical methods, catering for people at all stages of the knowledge and experience spectrum.


These courses are ideal for public sector professionals in government departments, agencies, NGOs and university staff and post-graduate students with a desire to learn more about methods for social analysis to assist in translating scientific social research into public policy outcomes.