The Sustainability and Environment Research Program examines the social, political and institutional aspects of sustainable development, particularly in urban and regional Australia.

The program, led by Professor Brian Head, contributes to important national initiatives such as the Cooperative Research Centre for Water-Sensitive Cities and addresses challenges arising from the interaction between natural resources, ecology and human behaviour, examining how we can:

  • Adapt to climate change
  • Better use and manage water resources
  • Develop more sustainable energy sources
  • Protect environmental assets
  • Optimise the use of recycled resources
  • Meet challenges in ways that are affordable and equitable

Our research is focused on the:

  • Attitudes, perceptions and behaviour of citizens, households, community and business stakeholders
  • Plans, policies, programs, and regulatory arrangements governing the management of these issues

Recent research includes environmental governance at the regional level of Australia, water planning in Southeast Queensland and other regions, collaborative and integrated approaches for natural resource management, demand management for the conservation of water, analysis of energy consumption practices at the household level, and the attitudes of younger and older people to sustainability issues.