Survey research

The Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) can assist clients with all aspects of survey research, including questionnaire development, sampling design and procedures, and data collection.

We manage a comprehensive in-house data collection service with the capacity to undertake large-scale representative sample surveys by telephone, personal interview, mail, or by using online technologies.

Research facility features

Our Survey Research Facility and services comprise the following:

  • 39 station computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) laboratory configured for telephone interviews and telephone focus groups
  • Voxco software supporting mixed-mode survey data collection as well as questionnaire and call scripting, data processing, contact management, analysis and cross-tabulation, quota and sample management, and web-based reporting
  • Licences to specialist analytics software (including SAS, Stata, MPLUS, LISREL, WinBUGS, MLWin, SPSS, R, GIS)
  • Advanced statistical computing facilities for the visualisation of large, complex datasets
  • A team of up to 100 experienced CATI staff trained in effective social research refusal minimisation methods, participant recruitment strategies, and interpersonal communication techniques to optimise survey research data quality
  • Specialised computer hardware and software for web and email surveys
  • Infrastructure and automated report generation for mail and personal interview surveys
  • Data entry and data coding service.
Expert team

Our experienced team are trained in:

  • Effective social research refusal minimisation methods and  participation recruitment strategies
  • Interpersonal communication techniques to optimise survey research data quality

For more information on survey research capacity and services, contact the Research Services Manager (Surveys, Text Analytics and Training), Sue York, phone: 07 3346 9680 or email: