Mara Yerkes is an Honoary Senior Fellow at the Institute for Social Science Research. Her research interests include combining work and care, comparative welfare state research, comparative social policy, employment, industrial relations and the employment relationship, the sociology of gender and sexuality, and social inequality. Prior to coming to the ISSR, Yerkes worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Sociology at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Her research focused on the protection of social risks within the welfare state, examining the complex relationship between government policy and the involvement of third-party actors in welfare provision, including employers and trade unions. At the same time, Yerkes was involved in a research project with Utrecht University investigating the labour market mobility of doctoral candidates in the Netherlands.

Her work has been published in various journals, including Community, Work and Family; European Journal of Industrial Relations; Gender, Work and Organization; International Journal of Doctoral Studies; Journal of Comparative Welfare Studies; Policy and Politics; Social Policy and Administration, and Oxford University Press’s Online Bibliographies in Sociology. She is the author of Transforming the Dutch Welfare State: Social Risks and Corporatist Reform (the Policy Press) and co-editor of The Transformation of Solidarity. Changing Risks and the Future of the Welfare State (Amsterdam University Press).

  • Research Interests
    • Comparative welfare states and social policy
    • Employment
    • Work and care
    • Social inequality
    • Industrial relations
    • Gender and Sexuality
  • Publications

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Staff Details


Honorary Senior Fellow

  • BA (Hons), Quincy University (United States), History (awarded May, 1998)
  • MPP, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota (United States), Public and Foreign Policy (awarded May 2001)
  • MA, University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Social Sciences (awarded December 2001)
  • PhD, Amsterdam School for Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Social Sciences (awarded October 2006)